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Whether you need steel, plastic or electrical fencing, you can get it from us.

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The Ag Advantage - Electric Fence
Poor grounding is the leading cause of electric fence problems. 80% of electric fence problems can be traced to fault grounding systems. Try to place ground rods near permanent moisture (electron flow to ground rods in moist soil greatly exceeds the flow in dry soils). Locate ground rods where they are near permanent moisture (within a few hundred yards of a creek or pond is ideal, under eavestrough, etc...

The right fencing can be a solution that works for your farm or home property. M&R Feeds provides fencing for general boundaries, easier ranching, crop protection, security and landscaping. Fencing can help with right-of-way and pasture protection, ensuring that your farm operation runs effeciently.

On the home front, fencing can be a positive addition to your landscaping requirements, while also acting as a security measure. You can either do it yourself, or have M&R Feeds install your fencing for you.

Some of the fencing options we carry include:

  • Maintenance-free vinyl
  • Netting
  • Safety fence (for sale and rent)
  • Chain link
  • Snow fence (wood and plastic)
  • Page, barb and farm wire
  • Welded wire
  • Electric fence systems
  • Ornamental Iron

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