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Whether you need steel, plastic or electrical fencing, you can get it from us.

The right fencing can be a solution that works for your farm or home property. M&R Feeds provides fencing for general boundaries, easier ranching, crop protection, security and landscaping. Fencing can help with right-of-way and pasture protection, ensuring that your farm operation runs effeciently.

On the home front, fencing can be a positive addition to your landscaping requirements, while also acting as a security measure. You can either do it yourself, or have M&R Feeds install your fencing for you.

Some of the fencing options we carry and install include:

  • Maintenance-free vinyl – Al-Mar

  • Netting (wire and plastic) – Master Halco

  • Safety fence – Master Halco/Shield

  • Chain link – Master Halco/Shield

  • Snow fence (wood and plastic) – Master Halco/Shield

  • Page, barb and farm wire – Master Halco/Shield/Rangemaster

  • Welded wire – Master Halco/Shield/Rangemaster

  • Electric fence systems – Gallagher

  • Ornamental Iron – Iron Eagle/Master Halco

  • Hardware cloth – Rangemaster

Some of our suppliers:


The Ag Advantage Tips

Poor grounding is the leading cause of electric fence problems. 80% of electric fence problems can be traced to faulty grounding systems. 

Electric Fence Installation Guide