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When animals are your business, their care takes on a new level of importance.

Proper animal handling products and animal care products can protect both you and your animals while enhancing your investment. M&R Feeds has been providing leading animal handling products for nearly 40 years, and we know what works, who provides the best products and how products can be customized to your specific needs.

You can see us for the following products:

Livestock Equipment

• Halters, leads, rope and prods
• Chutes, headgates, crowding tubs
• Gates, calf door gates
• Calf hutches
• Corral panels for horse exercise yards
• Cattle oilers

Animal Health Products

• Balling guns • First Defence bolus
• CCIA/RFID tags, ID tags, fly tags • Heat lamps & bulbs
• Dehorning & castrating products • Iodine, injectible selenium
• Diatomaceous earth • Mineral - bags, blocks, barrels
• Drench bottles • Nipple bottles, colostrum, milk replacer
• Elastrator rings & pliers • OB calving chains & handles, calf pullers
• Electrolytes • Parasite control
• Thermometers, syringes & needles

Feed & Water Equipment

• Feeders (round, rectangular)
• Water bowls & fountains
• Troughs, tubs & buckets/pails
• Stock tank and trough deicers
• Creep feeders
• Bunk feeders
• Slant bar feeder gates (round, square, diamond)
• Deicers and heated fountains

Horn Fly Information

Click here for an information sheet on understanding the economics of horn flies in beef cattle prodution. 

Notice About Rabies and Livestock

Click here for a one-pager of helpful information about rabies and livestock.

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