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Chick Ordering

We order from Bonnie's Hatchery in Elmira. Birds are available from March to September with some exceptions to ducks and ready-to-lay hens. 

Contact your preferred location to place your order.


Whether it is livestock or pets, what you feed your animals is important. M&R Feeds has a long history as a feed supplier to the region's agri-business because we invest in the products that yield the best results for your operations.

Crop Supply

Keeping your crop healthy means keeping your crop productive. We can help with that. M&R Feeds works with a number of seed and crop companies to bring you the best options for your farm. Innovation is a key segment of this market, and you can expect that we are at the forefront of the opportunities happening in crop supply to bring you higher yields.


The right fencing can be a solution that works for your farm or home property. M&R Feeds provides fencing for general boundaries, easier ranching, crop protection, security and landscaping.

Rural Living

Rural living is a part of the agricultural life, but agricultural life is not always a part of rural living. We have customers for both. M&R Feeds offers a range of products and services designed to enhance your home and garden.

Animal Handling & Care

Proper animal handling products and animal care products can protect and enhance your investment. M&R Feeds has been providing leading animal handling products for nearly 30 years, and we know what works, who provides the best products and how products can be customized to your specific needs.


Pet Food & Supplies

Pool and Spa

Due to an increasing demand for water treatments as part of farm and home needs, M&R Feeds offers water treatment products

Construction Materials

Construction projects are common, and they can be done easily and effectively with help from M&R Feeds. We carry a variety of supplies and materials that suit several construction project needs.

Seasonal Products

Some products are only needed on a seasonal basis and M&R Feeds is happy to provide those products to our farm and rural living customers. Have you seen or heard of a product that is not on our list? Let us know. If we don't have it, we can likely get it.


In addition to the farm and feed elements needed for your farm business, we also carry some additional items that you may need in quick order.